How much does it cost for auto transport?

A. There are several factors that affect car shipping rates. Use our on-line quote system to receive instant quotes. Some factors that are considered in figuring a quote. We will need to determine if you would like to ship door to door or terminal to terminal. After this is determined you need to decide if you would like to enclose the vehicle or ship it on an open carrier. Open transport is generally about 1/3rd less expensive. Open transport is used about 95% of the time. Contact your carrier to get the most up to date rates.

What preparations are needed prior to pick up?

A. Make sure everything is secure. Do not pack your vehicle with personal items, as The Department of Transportation "D.O.T" does not allow us to ship cars packed with personal items for safety reasons. In addition, personal items in the vehicle will not be insured.

Is the value of my car insured?

A. By Law, all car carriers must carry two forms of insurance.

  • Liability Insurance - This type of policy will cover any damages due to driver error. All our drivers have $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance.

  • Cargo Insurance - This type of policy covers scratches and dents in the car moving process. All our auto shipping drivers have a minimum of $50,000 coverage per car in cargo insurance as required by the "D.O.T." depending on what is being shipped on our trucks, many of our carriers have higher coverage amounts.

What if the car is not in running condition?

A. The vehicle being transported does not have to be in running condition. All the car has to be able to do is roll, break and steer, and we'll take care of the rest. Rolling, Breaking, and Steering are the three minimum requirements for car shipping. Additional fees will apply if your car can't do one of those three. .

Where will the car be delivered?

A. Your car will be shipped from its existing location to the destination you specify. You may want to consider what is referred to as "terminal shipping." Terminal Shipping is a cost saving option when compared to door to door delivery. Every terminal we work with is fully licensed and insured.

Does the Size of a Car Matter when Moving?

A. Yes. Shipping is based on the size and weight of a vehicle, the size of the car that is being transported is very important. A good rule of thumb is small trucks are about 50 dollars more than a sedan going the same place, and SUV's are about $100-$125 more.

What are the approximate delivery times?

A. Auto Transport from East coast to West coast is usually 7-14 days.Auto transport running North and South of the United States is about 5-7 days. Current weather conditions, time of the year, and specific locations can also be factors. Auto transport